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Inspiring ideas for adventure (and relaxation)

In the spirit of keeping your Algonquin getaway easy and carefree, we’ve thoughtfully curated some of the most popular experiences in and around the resort into day-long itineraries.

Follow them to the letter, consider them suggestions, or feel free to assemble your own perfect day. At the Algonquin, you simply can’t go wrong.

Artist Destination: St. Andrews by-the-Sea by Jeff Lively

Algonquin Golf Course

Green with Envy

The Algonquin golf course is the finest in New Brunswick–be prepared for your friends back home to be a little jealous that you played it. Of course, this is your vacation, so make the most of it, with this golf-fan itinerary.

Here’s to the Kids

With both an indoor and outdoor pool, a massive waterslide, a playground, marshmallow roasts and more, The Algonquin is a kid’s paradise. Getting them to put down the iPad has never been so easy with this itinerary.

Share Your Love Story

The Spark of Romance

A marvelous resort in a charming town–how can romance not burn a little brighter? Take this day slow to enjoy each other’s company. This itinerary is about rediscovery through shared experience.

Bay of Fundy Adventure

The Bay of Fundy is the defining feature of this part of the country. It’s an incredible natural wonder, with higher tides than anywhere else on earth. Discover its secrets and joys in this wet and wild itinerary.

Blaze your own path

Between the resort itself and the town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea, there’s no end to the activities you can discover and savour. No matter when you visit or how you like to vacation, these experiences will make it easy to find your own way to bliss.