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Wedding FAQ


What time can I access the ballroom?

Please request early access at the time of booking.The ballrooms can be available in the morning depending if there is a function and until 1:00 AM.

Can I access the ballroom the day before my event?

The only way to guarantee availability for the day before is by renting the space.

Can I have access to the ceremony space the day before to use as a rehearsal space?

The only way to guarantee availability for the day before is by renting the space. If the space is rented, we’re happy to find alternative space on the resort for your rehearsal.

What time do I need to take down my décor items?

We’re happy to tear down and box up any items left at the end of the day. If the room is in use for another event the next morning, we will store your items until you can pick them up.

If you are not comfortable having us box up your items, you will be required to remove them before you leave the venue.

What services are included with the rental?

Setup and tear down of:

  • Tables
  • Banquet chairs
  • All items needed for food and beverage


What size tables are available?

  • 60″ round tables
  • 6′ rectangular tables


Are linens provided?

60″ round tables

  • Floor length white linens

6′ rectangular tables

  • White linens (not floor length)
  • Black overlays upon request
  • Champagne overlays upon request


What other tables are provided?

Any tables for the buffet, bar, DJ, gift tables, etc. are provided.

Cocktail tables are provided upon request. Our cocktail tables are copper topped. If you would like these draped with white linens please specify.

Do you help with personal décor & chair covers?

We do not provide staff to assist you with personal décor. Please have someone assigned to these tasks independently.

Do you have a wedding guide with more information?

We do! You can view it here.