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Here’s to the Kids

With both an indoor and an outdoor pool, a massive waterslide, a playground, marshmallow roasts and more, The Algonquin is a kid’s paradise. Beyond the resort, keeping them busy and happy is child’s play, with an aquarium, beaches, whale watching, gardens, and more at your fingertips. Getting them to put down the iPad has never been so easy with this itinerary.

Your Morning

Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Touch and feel real live ocean creatures like sea stars, crabs, and sea urchins without heading under the sea.

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Your Afternoon

Katy's Cove

Katy’s Cove

After lunch high-tail it to Katy’s Cove for sand, surf, and lots of exploring. Energy? Burned off nicely.

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Your Evening

Resort Waterslide

After a casual dinner at Braxton’s, a thrilling waterslide into the indoor pool ends the day with the right kind of scream.

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